About Heart 4 Art

Art and Creativity has guided me throughout my life.  Through several turn of events, I realized I had lost my passion.  After 40 years, I picked up a paintbrush and was overcome with JOY.  This feeling was too big to be contained.  It is now my mission to share my HEART - my JOY with you!

About Nanci

Art, marketing, and creating on any level is what I have done my whole life.  Denton became my home in 1975.  My husband, Ralph, and I have one daughter Ryan and 3 amazing, talented, smart, and beautiful grandchildren.  I am passionate about my family, passionate about my community, and passionate about showing you the beauty and joy of creating.  I cannot wait to meet you.  Let's create something AMAZING!!!


GOD is my guide and YOU are my inspiration.  I think you can bring joy and find joy in the simple act of creating something beautiful...adding friends and maybe a glass of wine make it complete!